Enjoy sustainability
by making
waste awesome



Souprbags makes the difference. We offer the most surprising, sustainable and awesome bags for happy people.

Our fashionable and multifunctional bags come in ‘soupr’ bright colors and are made of 100% recycled PET bottles. 100%? Yep, 100%! They’re always big fun and grant loads of carry comfort.

SOUPR values

Our mission is to take a huge step forward. We use our expertise to produce new bags from recycled plastics in a cleaner and more sustainable way.

We believe that fast fashion, using virgin plastics and deying will damage our planet. We want to be part of the solution, not of the pollution.

We simply see it as our obligation to clean up the mess for the next generation and turn it into something fantastic.


SOUPR Responsible

We believe that quality, safety and sustainability go hand in hand. Souprbags is managing a full transparent production process. Any official certified third-party testing agency is welcome to visit and inspect our productions. All our partner factories are amfori BSCI & GRS certified and respect environmental laws, labor and human rights. We like to make it long lasting, traceable and open up about our sustainable footprint.



Let’s put recycling to the next level. We love to souprcharge recycled plastic into fantastic bags. Buy for yourself or give one of our Souprbags as a surprising gift to someone you love. It will put a smile on everyone’s face!

Help us to clean the planet and support our



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Soupr Troupr Doupr and the always happy Plastic Souprman